Irene Susnjara



Let me begin by thanking you for having the time to read a little about me.

My dedication and passion to real estate comes from a good strong family orientated upbringing and of course my husband and twin daughters with whom I share a strong sense of values and beliefs about trust and humanity.

We all like to feel connected and safe so when I meet people who need my help I will treat them like family and have their interests as my number one priority.

Working at Marando Real Estate South West as a family owned business with such values, we aspire to connect and make people feel safe and not alone.

Over the past five years I have been working in real estate and this has given me the opportunity to show my passion and desire to help people make one of the biggest achievements of their lives. Being part of this gives me a sincere sense of accomplishment.

In my previous job, I worked and trained as a personal trainer in health & fitness.

Helping people reach their goal and target was my aim. I did this through perseverance and determination. Likewise in Real Estate gaining peoples trust is what I look for to enable me to do the best job possible in order to get the Highest Price Possible.






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